2023 Light is life – Special Lights show event powered by A2A -at Brescia Castle

Light is Life is the major event organised by A2A as part of the events scheduled to celebrate Bergamo Brescia – Italian Capital of Culture 2023. Sponsored by the Municipalities of the two cities, the Festival wants to express a lively international perspective, while at the same time aiming to involve the area`s productive energies, cultural institutions and educational venues. The two cities will become veritable open-air art galleries, thanks to the presence of the works of light that 17 artists from all over the world have chosen to animate the symbolic places of the Italian Capital of Culture. This is why Light is Life was born out of a double awareness: environmental, thanks to the use of energy from renewable sources, and social, through the support of Banco dell`energia.

The Festival provides concrete support for the activities of Banco dell`Energia, which for years has been committed to combating energy poverty in Italy. A2A will donate to the Banco dell`Energia a sum equivalent to the volume of energy used to light the event, in addition to the proceeds from sponsorships, sales of merchandising and publishing products. The funds raised will support projects aimed at Bergamo and Brescia families in difficulty. The Festival will be powered by renewable sources, and the installations are designed according to energy efficiency criteria.

Light is Life – A2A Light Festival will be inaugurated in Brescia on Friday 10 February 2023 in Piazza della Loggia and in Bergamo on Friday 17 February 2023 in Piazza Vecchia, with two exciting evenings. Light is Life in Brescia In Brescia, the event, organised in collaboration with the Municipality of Brescia and the Brescia Musei Foundation and inspired by the successful experience of Cidneon (the light art festival organised by the Comitato Amici del Cidneon in the three-year period 2017-2019), primarily involves Piazza della Loggia, one of the city`s main squares, where an evocative 3D mapping will animate Palazzo della Loggia for the entire duration of the event.

The Capitolium will host the first work of light: a sculpture inspired by the famous Winged Victory, revisited in a contemporary key, specially designed to create a dialogue of contrasts with the classical architecture of the site. The work, entitled “Transfigured Victory”, is a new creation by Angelo Bonello. The works that animate the Cidneo include the installation “Hello Goodbye” by Marco Lodola, one of the most famous and influential contemporary Italian artists and one of the founders and leading exponents of the New Futurism Movement.

The Castle will also host “Histories of light”, a choral project of light works by the students of the city`s Art Academies – SantaGiulia and LABA, in collaboration with the cultural association Cieli Vibranti – on the theme “Risorgimento: a shared history”. Angelo Bonello, artistic director of the entire festival, will bring two other works to Brescia: The waste-to-energy plant: light to the city The light also touches the A2A waste-to-energy plant: for the whole duration of the festival, its tower with its characteristic iridescent blue colouring, designed in the 1990s by Jorrit Tornqvist, will be illuminated and will have a skylaser at the top pointing towards the Castello Cidneo.

The Castle of Brescia will be open on Friday, Saturday and Wednesday (February 15) from 18.00 to 01.00 and from Sunday to Thursday from 18.00 to 24.00 🗓

Except Friday 10, which on the occasion of the inauguration in Piazza della Loggia, the Castle will open extraordinarily at 20.00 🗓


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